In April 2016, over 180 representatives of local authorities, local council members, women leaders, and a representative of the Government Agency for Local Self-Governance and Interethnic Relations attended a series of round table discussions organized by Public Foundation “Door”, Public Association “Youth of Osh”, and Public Union “Dom Journalista” in Osh and Issyk-Kul Oblasts to discuss issues related to enhancing the involvement of the general public in budgeting at the local level.  During the discussions, the participants developed concrete recommendations to the local authorities for Year 2017 local budgeting:

  • Conduct open budget hearings with involvement of all citizens, including women.
  • Ensure efficient allocation of local budgets during the budgeting process by changing the existing approaches for supporting women: reduce costs for events such as concerts, celebrations of Women’s Day and for assistance to women in the form of gifts, etc., and  allocate budget funds for sustainable and effective activities to address women’s priority needs.
  • Create legal and psychological centers for providing assistance to victims of domestic violence.
  • Allocate funds for activities preventing early marriage, reducing discrimination against women, and promoting educational work among youth.

The USAID Collaborative Governance Program supports women activists through the project entitled “Improving Women Activists’ Capacity for Understanding of Budgeting Process at Local Level” aimed to create sustainable and efficient budgeting mechanisms based on a gender-sensitive approach.



Photo “Women Activists of Nookat district, Osh region providing recommendations to local authorities for the Year 2017 local budget” 



Photo “Women-activists of Tuip district, Issuk-Kul region providing recommendations to the local authorities for the Year 2017 local budget”