On April 26-27, 2016 Anti-Corruption Business Council of the Kyrgyz Republic (KR AВС) in partnership with the Supreme Court of the Kyrgyz Republic, the Judicial Training Center under the Supreme Court of the Kyrgyz Republic conducted a socio-psychological training on "Formation of anti-corruption behavior" for 46 participants including 38 newly elected judges, representing the Supreme Court of the Kyrgyz Republic, the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court of the Kyrgyz Republic, the district courts, Bishkek inter-district courts and local courts. The training was organized with support of the Collaborative Governance Program funded by USAID and DFID.

The training program was a contribution to the formation of anti-corruption model of behavior, promoting legal values in decision-making in accordance with personal values, it contains the unique transformational-linguistic technology, the technology of forming a positive image, as well as tools and management techniques in stressful situations, a full immersion in the situation and situational analysis of performance of various exercises and psychic techniques, which are basic to the formation of anti-corruption model of behavior.
Three trainers conducted the workshop: Business Trainer and Psychologist Dmitry Lysenko; Master of Psychology and Business Trainer Tatiana Kalchaeva; and Master of Psychology Chynara Osmonalieva.

During the interactive session, the participants worked in three teams: "Adilet", "Search for Truth", "Olympian" and each team created a social and psychological portrait of a judge in accordance with the below three criteria:
1. A judge as a man
2. A judge as a professional
3. A judge as a civil servant

While presenting their creative team work, the trainees named the below basic personal values of a judge, which are required to build a positive reputation and image of a judge, namely:

1. Independence in decision-making
2. Patriotism
3. Integrity
4. The responsibility for the consequences of decisions
5. Competence
6. Justice
7. Humanity.
8. Rule of Law

During the session on "Reputation of a Judge," the trainees listed personal skills, which are necessary for an excellent reputation of a judge. One of the participants stated: "A reputation of a judge is not only a reputation of the judicial system, but also a reputation of the whole country."
“We are responsible for our decisions and accountable to the people before the God, and to their children!”



Newly elected judges during the socio-psychological training on "Formation of Anti-Corruption Behavior"



The "Olympian" team
"The judge - is not a profession, it is not a position, given for a certain period of time. This is a person performing the will of the God on Earth. And each of us - judges - should remember that we are responsible for every step, every judicial act, which reflects on the destiny of a man, and sometimes more than one man’s"



"We are responsible for our activities and decisions regarding people before the God, and their children!"



The participants are in 'search for truth'




"This saying exists for many years and it is valid for all aspects of human life. This statement is true for judges as well, as it gives them the right and the power to put a

comma in this statement: "Execution can not be pardoned," which decides the life of the man



Successful completion of the four-days training on "Formation of Anti-Corruption Behavior"