On May 25, 2016 the NPM Resource Center at Osh State University hosted a guest lecture by Gulnur Chekirova, lawyer at “BizExpert” Analytical center and Kurmanbek Ismanaliev, professor, Department of Finance and Credit at Osh State University on the theme “Think Tanks - Management Based on Analysis” for students, CSOs and professors. The lecturers talked about innovative research and analytical methods widely applied in practice in different countries. “Think Tanks” are nonprofit and nongovernment scientific and research organizations focused on humanitarian sciences, such as politics, economics, sociology, law and usually registered as noncommercial organizations. The participants also received an overview on the international development of “think tanks”, interaction between state bodies, centers and youth in the field of formation of public opinions on economic, social, ecological and security issues. «Think Tanks» is also used as an instrument of social control that influences the goals and values of the society.

Guest Lecture Gulnur Chekirova May 25

Gulnur Chekirova providing examples of international activity of analytical centers

Guest Lecture Gulnur Chekirova Kurmanbek Ismanaliev OshSU May 25

The lecturer about the “think tanks” as instruments of public control

Guest Lecture Kurmanbek Ismanaliev Photo 3 May 25

Kurmanbek Ismanaliev provided information about the target areas of the centers' activities, such as publishing, lobbying, advocacy etc.

Guest Lecture Kurmanbek Ismanaliev Photo 4 May 25

International development of “think tanks”

Guest Lecture G.Chekirova K. Ismanaliev Photo 5

The interaction of state bodies, centers and youth in formation of public opinion on a wide range of economic, social, political, environmental and security issues

Guest Lecture G.Chekirova K.Ismanaliev Photo 6

Participants learned about youth centers that explore and develop the potential of students and youth to solve cases on public issues