On June 2, 2016, entrepreneurs and representatives from civil society, government and media convened in Jalal-Abad for a roundtable discussion on “Raising Awareness of Osh Entrepreneurs on the Use of Digital Signature.” Twenty eight people took part in the roundtable and discussed current problems and possibilities associated with using a digital signature (DS) for interactions of business with government agencies. They also discussed the legal framework that regulates the use of digital signatures.

Previously, the participants misunderstood a digital signature to be a scanned electronic document. The discussion improved their understanding of DS and its benefits. The participants highlighted the importance of the procurement and use of DS because the Kyrgyz Republic became a member of the Euro-Asian Economic Cooperation (EAEC) last year, and DC is a solution for fast transactions and participation in electronic trading.

At the same time, the participants expressed concerns about the lack of certification centers in Jalal-Abad, the high cost for using electronic signature and its unification. The issues of perpetuity in the use of electronic signature and continuous improvement of safety systems were also raised during the discussions. The entrepreneurs asked to organize courses on working with electronic documents and on the use of electronic signature. As a recommendation, the participants asked to expand the information component of the project, as one roundtable discussion and one media coverage are not sufficient to raise public awareness. They suggested that information sheets and short animated PSAs be made available to demonstrate how, where and why DS is acquired. 

Фотo 1 Roundtable in Jalal Abad on DS

The participants of the roundtable discussions on “Raising Awareness of Osh Entrepreneurs on the Use of Digital Signature” in Jalal-Abad

Фото 2 Roundtble in J Abad

Salyjan Umarov, representative of the Jalal-Abad Mayor’s Office speaks during the discussions

Фото 3 Nurgul Tashtanova Trainer Seminar on DS in J Abad

A facilitator of the roundtable discussions, Nurgul Tashatanova, project coordinator from International Center Interbilim gives a presentation on the use of the digital signature

фото 4 Familiarizing with handouts seminar in J Abad on DS

The participants of the roundtable discussions reviewing handouts

фото 5 Ahunova is asking about the cost of DS J Abad seminar

Ahunova Armana, Chief Accountant of LTD “Alatyr” interested in the cost of the digital signature