From May 30-31, 2016, 12 journalists from Osh, Jalalabad and Batken oblasts took part in a seminar on "Covering the theme of women's leadership and gender issues in the media." During the two-day seminar, the participants discussed the criteria for the definition of effective leadership among women; basic concepts of gender and gender analysis of their own media; and forms and genres of media material on women’s leadership. Participants worked individually and in groups on various projects and presented the result of their work at the end of the seminar.

The National Training Center on Media communications organized the seminar in partnership with the Association of Kyrgyz Women Judges and with the support of the USAID Collaborative Governance Program. The seminar is part of the “Cooperation between Generation of Women Leaders” project.

Please see a news article about the seminar in the local Osh television "Osh Pirim":

Photo 1 KAWJ all together training in Osh IMG 0347

Participants of the two-day seminar on "Covering the theme of women's leadership and gender issues in the media" for journalists of southern oblasts (provinces)

Photo 2 KAWJ Osh Trainer tells a motivating story to trainees IMG 0078

A trainer tells an interesting story to motivate the trainees for further discussions

Photo 3 KAWJ Team Work IMG 0113

The participants of a two-day seminar work in teams to present their view on gender issues and its coverage in media

Photo 4 KAWJ This is another team IMG 0115

The participants work together interactively to present their findings

Photo 5 KAWJ sharing view on leadership IMG 0121

One of the leader-journalists presents her view on essential leadership qualities

Photo 6 KAWJ Coaching IMG 0146

Seminar participants focus their attention on their coach

Photo 7 KAWJ team Ayalzat presentation IMG 0289

The Ayalzat team present the results of their joint work to the trainees and their coach

Photo 8 KAWJ group work presentation Myrza team IMG 0291

The Myrza team present their project on gender coverage in media

Photo 9 KAWJ all got interested to see the results IMG 0171

The participants listen with interest to discussions about effective women’s leadership and coverage in media

Photo 10 KAWJ Osh game during training IMG 0156

Participants learn a new game