In July 2016, 60 women leaders and future candidates for deputies of the local Kenesh (council) took part in 8 training sessions in order to increase the role of women in decision-making at the local level by increasing the number of women deputies in the local Kenesh.

Fifteen women leaders from each ail aimak (rural settlement) in Talast Oblast, including Amanbaev and Ak of Chii Karburinskey disrict, Pokrovka and Manas of Uch-Korgon district participated in two rounds of training on "Gender and Development" and "Legal Basis for the Activities of Local Council."  During the training, the participants developed skills in drafting programs for the election campaign, learned how to identify their strengths and weaknesses, examined the opportunities and risks as candidates for the local council. These trainings will help women leaders to develop a strategy for a successful election campaign. Women leaders will receive a third cycle of training on "Women's Leadership".

Public Foundation "Lady Shirin" conducted a series of trainings as part of the project "I am a strong woman," supported by the Collaborative Governance Program, funded by USAID and DfID, implemented by East West Management Institute.

Photo 1 PF Lady Shirin Women leaders during the training July DSC07696

Women leaders working in a group to present their pre-election campaign program

Photo 2 PF Lady Shirin Women leaders asking questions DSC07658

During the training, a women leader is sharing her experience on working with the community on their priority needs

Photo 3 PF Lady Shirin women leaders presenting their ideas DSC07639

The participants of the training presenting their group work on the role of women in the family, community and society

Photo 4 PF Lady Shirin women leaders workingin a team DSC07637

Women leaders working in a team to develop their strategy on election campaign

Photo 5 PF Lady Shirin pre election campaign preparations DSC07619

The trainees know well the priority needs of their communities