Summer 2016 was marked by the emergence of a number of decisions in reforming law enforcement unit in Kyrgyzstan. On July 4, 2016, the Council of Defense of the Kyrgyz Republic discussed the reorganization of the public bodies exercising enforcement functions; a set of reform measures in the law enforcement agencies of the Kyrgyz Republic was adopted. Later, the document was approved by the President. Various working groups were established: under the Council of Defense, the Office of the Government and the Government. The latter includes a wide membership and is intended to develop a package of normative legal acts regulating the activities of internal affairs bodies. In view of the importance of new processes, as well as to avoid a repetition of previous negative experiences, the Civic Union “For reforms and results” has developed positions and recommendations on a set of measures. They will be forwarded for consideration to the Parliament, Government, Council  of Defense and other stakeholders. Recommendations are primarily related to the militia. Soon, the Civic Union will also present a coherent model of police/militia of Kyrgyzstan. We express openness to discussing the proposals. FULL VERSION IN ENGLISH (unofficial translation) IS ATTACHED. 

The USAID Collaborative Governance Program supports the police reforms initiatives of the Liberal Youth Alliance “Free Generation”, which is a partner of the Civic Union “For reforms and results”, through the project “External Assessment of Police Performance: Testing New Approaches”.