On August 23, 2016, 10 attorneys and assistant judges completed a training course on building tolerant attitudes towards women living with the HIV virus. The participants learned about the status of HIV infection in the world, in the Kyrgyz Republic and in the Issyk-Kul Oblast (province), the Law "On Reproductive Health," the National Program "Den Sooluk" and the State Program on Stabilization of HIV / AIDS in the Kyrgyz Republic. Videos such as "Kyrgyzstan against stigma" and "Living with HIV" (a video clip about an individual’s story) changed the attitudes of judges and lawyers to people living with HIV (PLHIV).

As a result of the training, the participating attorneys and assistant judges better understand the implications for women living with HIV as well as their needs and their rights. The training enabled participating attorneys and judges to improve the quality of their assistance to these women as well as to promote their rights and provide consultations on relevant legal issues and alternative dispute resolution methods that can be applied in cases related to HIV.

 Photo 1 HarmonyPlus A.Kabylbaeva Deputy Judge Ak Suu Rayon August 23 2016

Attorney of Ak-Suu district, Issyk-Kul Oblast Kabylbaeva noted at the end of the seminar: “I have received much information on HIV / AIDS, which I did not know earlier, on the legal consequences, and learned of stigma and discrimination. The seminar changed my attitude towards HIV-positive women, and I will be tolerant, and will pass this information on to my other colleagues”

Photo 2 HarmonyPlus J.Adylkanova Attorney IKO Collegium of Attorneys August 23 2016

Lawyer of Issyk-Kul Oblast Bar Association Adylkanova J. shared after the seminar: "For the first time I've attended a seminar on HIV / AIDS. I was not well informed on the rights of HIV-positive women. Now I know that they have the same rights as everyone and I will protect their rights"

Photo 3 HarmonyPlus Kainarbek Asanbekov Deputy Judge of Karakol Court August 23 2016

Kaynarbek Asanbekov, assistant judge of Karakol said: "It turned out that I was poorly informed on HIV / AIDS and the rights of people living with HIV and do not know about legislation on HIV / AIDS. The seminar helped me to learn more about HIV / AIDS and the rights of HIV-positive women and about existing legal acts"