A ceremony of opening new ramps was held on September 22, 2016 at School #10 in the city of Osh. In June of this year, the Public Foundation "Smail.KG" worked with the community and the City of Osh to organize a fundraising campaign to raise money and acquire materials for the construction of ramps in schools in the City of Osh. As a result of these efforts, ramps were built at secondary school - gymnasium № 8 named after M. Gorkey and at secondary school №10 named after V. Lenin. The ramps facilitate entrance to these schools as well as their cafeterias and toilets. Thanks to the contributions of the community and the commitment of the City of Osh leadership; the installation of these ramps in these schools is a critical step to helping children who rely on wheelchairs to benefit from inclusive education. 

Child with disabilities and family using a new ramp DSC 0059

Sarahan Yusupova, a 7 year-old girl accompanied by her family, was the first child on a wheelchair, who passed through the ramp to enter the school.

Photo 2 Smail.kg ramp opening Bakirov Ombudsmans Office

KR Ombudsman’s Osh Office representative, Mr. Nazaridin Bakirov, attended the ramp opening ceremony. Last year the Ombudsman’s Office sent an official letter to construction companies reminding of their obligation to construct ramps in newly constructed buildings.

Photo 3 Smail.kg ramp opening Amanova 1

The Head of Social Development Department of the Osh City Mayor’s Office, Ms. Saltanat Amanova, made opening remarks at the ceremony.  She has informed the participants: In Soviet times the disabled children were educated in separate specialized schools, this they were isolated from the society. Now we are going to join them to ordinary schools creating special infrastructure for them.”

Photo 4 Smail.kg ramp opening Sarahan in a class at school DSC 0082

PF “Smail.kg” provided a pre-school preparation in the Rehabilitation Center for Sarahan Yusupova, who now has access to secondary school to study with her peers.  A ramp is one of the steps to inclusive education for children on wheelchairs.