Public foundation «DIA» completed the project implementation on “Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women” supported by the USAID Collaborative Governance Program. The conference was held in Osh Oblast with participation of representatives of rayon state administrations, local authorities, local councils, courts of elders and women activists.

Deputy Head of Karasuu Rayon Administration Mekhrinasa Joroeva noted in her address: “The project did a great job – in pilot ayil aimaks the members of the working groups were informed about international regulations and mechanisms for protection of women’s rights, which enabled them to initiate in a timely manner joint action plans at the local level; and this is very important.

The participants of the conference approved the following recommendations: include gender issues of equality and empowerment during the development of strategic plans of aiyl aimaks; insure that the necessary budget is planned for those gender issues; conduct public campaigns on the rights and opportunities of women; provide training workshops for the staff of local governments and law enforcement personnel; and develop and introduce standards for provision of assistance to victims of gender-based violence.  These recommendations will be sent to the leadership of local governments, law enforcement agencies, the Government, and Jogorku Kenesh of the Kyrgyz Republic.  

Photo 1 Dia Final Conference

Representatives of rayon state administrations, local authorities, local councils, courts of elders and women activists participated in the conference

Photo 2 Dia Final Conference

Over 40 participants were active during the conference and came up with some constructive suggestions

Photo 3 Dia Final Conference

A representative of the Osh City Administration made opening remarks at the conference

Photo 4 Dia Final Conference

USAID CGP Sub-award Coordinator Mamasabyr Saipov made opening remarks and told the participants about CGP/EWMI mission in the Kyrgyz Republic and areas of support to strengthen the capacity of CSOs and their cooperation with the government bodies and private sector