The decade of free legal aid started from November 17-December 17, 2016 aimed to raise public awareness of state guaranteed legal aid in the Kyrgyz Republic, including legal consultations and protection of the rights and interests in courts of every citizen, if he/she has no means to protect his/her rights and interests. During the decade, the citizens will receive information on free legal aid via video PSAs; brochures and posters; TV programs and discussions through different media channels (TV, radio, online, and in press); and guest lectures at universities in the Kyrgyz Republic

The Ministry of Justice of the Kyrgyz Republic organized a decade on legal aid in partnership with the European Union project "Promoting the Rule of Law in the Kyrgyz Republic" of GIZ program "Promoting the rule of law in Central Asia," the Legal Program Fund "Soros - Kyrgyzstan "UNDP, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland "Improving access to justice in the Kyrgyz Republic" and the USAID Collaborative Governance Program component on “Promoting the Rule of Law”.

For more information, please visit the Ministry of Justice site: and donor partners’ Facebook page at:

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