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"The entire Collaborative Governance Program family was truly blessed in 2016 as we continued to expand and accelerate our support to many of the civil society organizations working on behalf of the citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic. This year saw over 428 members of 272 Civil Society Organizations attend over 28 workshops and seminars that were designed to address needs identified through our diagnostic assessment support.  When 2016 began, we had 466 organizations who were profiled and 205 organizations having undergone the diagnostic process.  As we enter the New Year 2017, 575 organizations are profiled with over 279 organizations having undergone the diagnostic process with many more to be scheduled.

2016 was filled with many notable achievements by our partners in Civil Society.  The list that follows highlights just a few of their achievements.  We are proud of what all our partners have accomplished.

  • The proactive efforts of Coordination Board of the Public Councils’ Operations Team and their Adviser strengthened the collaboration between State Bodies and Coordination Board of Public Councils and as well as increased awareness amongst citizens of the Public Council’s roles and activities
  • The consultants of the Development Policy Institute conducted an Economic Impact Analysis of Social Procurement in the Kyrgyz Republic and which along with their efforts in an advocacy campaign promoting the adoption of the draft law “on State Social Procurement” resulted in the draft Law’s success in the first reading.
  • The syllabi and reading materials on “Introduction to NPM”, “NPOs in the Modern World”, “Financial Management in NPOs”, and “Public Policy and Advocacy” were taught at 11 Consortium universities with over 1200 students enrolled.
  • The Association of Nonprofit Management Educators was established with the support of USAID Collaborative Governance Program to sustain the work of the Consortium of Kyrgyz public and private universities and continue the introduction of NPM education into the Kyrgyz university system.
  • The 3rd and 4th link in the network of Nonprofit Management Resource Centers were opened at Naryn and Batken State Universities who joined Kyrgyz National University (established in 2013) and Osh State University (established in 2015) to host professional development workshops, conduct trainings of trainers, host guest lectures and serve as a platform for NPM education resources for universities, civil society, government and private sectors.
  • The draft Law on Conflict of Interest was registered in the Parliament and successfully completed the first and second reading.
  • Amendments and additions to the Law on Guarantee Funds in the Kyrgyz Republic were adopted by the Parliament and signed by the President. 
  • CGP supported a civil society initiative to jointly develop with local governments and law enforcement bodies plans to address community security issues – it’s a pilot external assessment mechanism presented during a round table discussion to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Parliament, civil society and government representatives in an effort to improve the work of the internal affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic.
  • An ongoing project in the city of Osh that raises citizens’ trust in local authorities and strengthens cooperation through an interactive online map supporting a transparent process of decision making as it pertains to municipal services.
  • A project that analyzed judicial practices related to the application of anti-corruption legislation to minimize the potential for corruption in judicial and extra-judicial decision-making practices.
  • A project promoted inclusive education for disabled children with limited mobility in Osh primary and secondary schools through an assessment of enforcement of regulations, development of effective mechanisms to improve school infrastructure, and the creation of a model that provides access to mainstream schools by children with disabilities.
  • The fostering of an effective collaboration between civil society and government in the Kyrgyz Republic to deliver improved support for young people leaving institutional care.
  • USAID CGP supported national and regional activities of civil society organizations who collaborated with government at all levels to eliminate domestic violence, promoted women rights, facilitated cooperation of women leaders, and empowered young women through education and entrepreneurship. 
  • Support for the development of an effective institutional budgeting mechanism that increased the involvement of women in the budgeting process.  This mechanism included the disclosure of information on local budget revenues and improved the participants understanding of the budgeting process.
  • USAID CGP launched new program activities seeking to increase the demand for rule of law and access to justice and legal information for the most vulnerable populations with a focus on victims of domestic violence and to raise awareness of the public on the role of the judiciary system. 
  • For the 3rd year in a row, the USAID CGP collaborated with UN Women in promoting increased awareness and strengthening efforts in addressing issues of violence against women and girls at the local level as part of the “16 Days Campaign against Violence on Women”.

As we enter 2017, our program remains committed to building upon our work in the areas of nonprofit management education in the university system; furthering our work in meeting the legislative needs in social procurement; strengthening the human and organizational capacity of civil society organizations; increasing access to justice and legal information for the most vulnerable populations; and promoting the merits of an ever-stronger level of cooperation and collaboration across the public – private – civil society sectors.

I hope you will continue to visit our website to follow our progress in the coming New Year as well as to follow the progress of a civil society made up of Kyrgyz women and men, who daily, are making selfless contributions to the citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic.

On behalf of the members of the Collaborative Governance Team comprised of our staff and our colleagues in the United States Agency for International Development, the United Kingdom Department for International Development, the East-West Management Institute, the Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Civil Society Studies, the International Center for Not-for-Profit Law and our many partners within the Kyrgyz Civil Society; we wish you a joyful, safe, healthy, and prosperous New Year!”