On February 8, NPM Resource Center at Batken State University hosted a joint guest lecture of Doctor of Historical Sciences Shaiyrbek Sherov, and Professor of Batken State University Gylamidin Artykabaev on the theme “Prevention of Terrorism and Violence”, which was attended by 26 students and 4 professors.

Mr. Sherov started the lecture with demonstration of a short video about a tragic life of a young man – victim of targeted propaganda on religious extremism. Further he talked about the danger of extremism and violence it brings to the modern society. In turn, Professor Artykbaev explained the importance of compliance with the Laws of the Kyrgyz Republic, the Criminal Code, as well as the creation of conditions at the local level to allow citizens to raise awareness about the threats posed by the propaganda of extremism and measures to counter its spread. Both lectors payed special attention to the role of the civil society sector in informing and protecting the interests of citizens and in eradication of destructive ideas of violent extremism in the society.

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After the event the lecturers Shaiyrbek Sherov, Doctor of Historical Sciences and Professor of Batken State University Gylamidin Artykabaev took a memorable photo with the participants of guest lecture