On February 25, 2017, the NPM Resource Center of the Osh State University (OSU) hosted a guest lecture on International Humanitarian Law by Kanatbek uulu Ulanbek, Director of the Public Foundation “Proactive Youth Club”.

The event was attended by over 40 students and professors of the OSU Law School. The lecturer informed the students that international humanitarian law and international human rights law were two separate but complementary branches of law. “Each of these branches of law ensure the protection of a person against insulting acts. Human rights inherently belong to every person and ensure protection of the person both in time of peach and war”, - Kanatbek noted. The lecturer also introduced the four key Geneva Conventions passed on August 12, 1949, and Protocols Additional to the Geneva Conventions adopted on June 8, 1977 which assume that certain humanity norms should even be maintained in relation to the opponent in a war. The training also included presentation of a documentary about activities of the International Red Crescent Movement activities.

By the lecture end, participants had a chance to share their opinions on the documentary and have their questions answered based on the lecturer’s professional and personal experience.

Photo 1

Lecturer is speaking with the students and professors of the Osh State University