On March 3-4, 2017 PA Youth of Osh provided a seminar on site administration for the staff of 27 municipal and business services, included into the online map. The Osh citizens have a possibility to reach 27 city services via online map to address their problems.

Osh City Mayor Aitmamat Kadyrbaev signed a decree №36 on February 20, 2017, according to which 27 city services, businesses, government agencies are available on www.map.oshcity.kg  platform for receiving online applications from the Osh city residents.

According to Mayor Kadyrbaev, one year past since launching the "Online applications of Osh city residents", the platform was able to show the results.

"In 2016, we launched www.map.oshcity.kg , where Osh city residents could write appeals and resolve communal and economic problems, without leaving home. Now, since March, we have covered all urban planning, social services and (public or city enterprises). 27 communal (public or city enterprises) services are available currently on the map. For me personally, and for my staff this map helps to monitor and respond to such questions as how promptly services are provided and how to respond to service problems and solve them in the shortest possible time, "- said the Mayor of Osh Aitmamat Kadyrbaev during the meeting on online applications.

This platform was developed by Public Union “Youth of Osh”, with the support of USAID Collaborative Governance Program. For more info, please see the video interview with project coordinator Begimai Bekbolotova and Vice Mayor of Osh Zamir Askarov at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5DZL0kYWOV0  

Photo 1 Youth of Osh training of municipal servants March 3 4 IMG 9815

The seminar participants on administration of the online site representing 27 city and business services after the seminar

Photo 2 YOO PR Manader of Osh Mayor Office Талантбек Канатбек уулуIMG 9668

PR Manager of the Osh Mayor’s Office Talantbek Kanatbek uulu telling about "On the order of consideration of applications of citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic"

Photo 3 YOO Osh city Road Management Specialist Жумабай Койчубаев IMG 9740 копия

Osh City Administration Specialist of the City Roads Department Zhumbai Kaychubayev, who administers the online map: www.map.oshcity.kg, answering the citizens’ questions on the current condition of city roads and sidewalks

Photo 4 YOO seminar participants from 27 services and businesses IMG 9684 копия

Practical seminar for representatives of 27 urban and business services to administer the online map of applications