The USAID Collaborative Governance Program has a unique approach in strengthening CSO human and organizational capacity – CSOs submit basic information for the profiling system and voluntarily undergo the diagnostic/assessment process, which helps to identify the organization’s strengths and weaknesses reflected in individual health reports and capacity strengthening plans, which are “in-kind-grant” offerings to those CSOs electing to take advantage of this opportunity. CGP suggests nationally-offered series of workshops, seminars, and trainings designed to address the major weaknesses commonly identified among the participating CSOs. The previous training opportunities included a series of workshops and seminars entitled "Project Monitoring and Evaluation Strategy", “Making Your Organization More Competitive through Improved Quality of Your Project Budgets”, "Why Do Projects Need PR and Working with Media”, “Successful Grant Proposal Writing” and "Governance and NGO's: Strengthening the Board", "Effective and Responsible Advocacy", and "Foundation of Successful and Sustainable Organization Development".

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