Over 30 representatives from 19 CSOs participated in the workshop “PR and media tools for CSOs” conducted in Bishkek on April 3. The participants learned about fundamental PR and media outreach tools, which are used to raise public awareness of priority issues and problems addressed by a specific CSO. The workshop was delivered in an interactive format that allowed the participants not only to listen to trainers but also to take an active part in practical tasks and role plays. The participants learned the secrets of PR and obtained some practical skills in the course of the workshop. The trainees were also familiarized with the findings of the latest media survey conducted in the Kyrgyz Republic by International Research and Consulting Company M-VECTOR. The survey findings reflected the statistics of media use in 2016 compared with 2015. For example, radio listeners reduced by 29.5%, newspaper readers reduced by 4%, and TV viewers reduced by 2.5% but Internet penetration increased by 4.3%. The survey data is a valuable tool for decision making for different organizations, including CSOs while selecting media for their public outreach activities.

“PR is an integral part for the successful operation of any organization. PR means working with the public and all those who are important for the successful operation of the organization in addressing priority issues and achieving the organization’s objectives. This is also a social responsibility to society”, - noted CGP/EWMI Public Outreach Specialist Fatima Kasmahunova.

In the course of discussions, it became clear that CSOs do not always know exactly what media expects and their requirements. “The report should describe the impact that the project will have on the local community’s life and the benefit it will bring. This workshop is very important to me as it allowed me to learn how to prepare a news article appropriately and to make quality photos for media and social networks”, - said Ekaterina Morozova from the Kyrgyz Association of Adult Education.

In the concluding part of the workshop, the participants had a meeting with Yrysbek Kyrgyztegin, a reporter from the Azattyk Media Group to clarify what topics media is interested to cover via their media channels and what CSOs should do to attract media’s attention.

The workshop was provided by the USAID Collaborative Governance Program and will be delivered to CSOs in all regions of the Kyrgyz Republic in April.

Photo 1 Seminar on PR

The workshop participants working in groups to hold a press conference on most successful cases. Such a case discussion and mutual criticism allowed the participants to formulate key issues often faced by CSOs

Photo 2 Seminar on PR

The participants learning to write a press release with headlines that will raise media’s interest for further publication

Photo 3 Seminar on PR

The workshop participants listening attentively to the working group’s presentation

Photo 4 Seminar on PR

The workshop participants listening attentively to the working group’s presentation

Photo 5 Seminar on PR

USAID Collaborative Governance Program Public Outreach Specialist Fatima Kasmahunova giving guidance to the participants on drafting a successful news article for the media

Photo 6 Seminar on PR

The working group presenting the results of their practical assignment

Photo 7 Seminar on PR

A seminar participant shares her story about the challenges she often faces while working with the media

Photo 8 Seminar on PR

Media Specialist Sergei Makarov demonstrating a video on how social media penetrates every person’s life today

Photo 9 Seminar on PR

Azattyk Media Group Reporter Yrysbek Kyrgyztegin sharing what materials media is interested in covering through media channels

Photo 10 Seminar on PR

Photo of workshop participants, facilitators, trainers and journalist from the Azattyk Media Group