On April 11-12, 47 representatives from 27 CSOs from Osh (29 trainees) and Jalal-Abad (18 trainees) participated in a seminar on the theme “PR and media tools for CSOs” provided by the USAID Collaborative Governance Program. The training program was designed based on the evaluations made by the CSO participants of the seminars on the theme “Why do projects need PR and working with media?” which was conducted in 2015. During the seminar, the participants learned the foundational PR and media tools, which are necessary in their work with target audiences, broad public, donors, and decision makers. Akylbek Abdyjaparov from Public Charitable Fund “Kol Taby” noted in his evaluation: “All topics were quite interesting and in my opinion well balanced so it was not dull and information was helpful and given at the highest level.”  Masuda Anarbaeva from the Public Fund “Family to Every Child” shared in her evaluation: “All seminar topics were interesting and useful for me. I have learned many new tools. Huge gratitude for the seminar and useful information provided. CSOs need more of such useful and timely seminars.”

Photo 1 press conference interactive work and role play IMG 8984

Role play of the press conference – Lawyer from Public Union International Center “Interbilim” Bekmurzin Aleksandr speaks on behalf of Osh Mayor Aitmamat Kadyrbaev on launching a mobile application for 27 municipal services available online to report on city issues at www.map.oshcity.kg, which was launched last year

Photo 2 Chair of PF Smail.KG presenting group work sharing her experience IMG 8927

Executive Director of the Public Fund “Smail.KG” Larisa Kuznetsova speaks on behalf of the group and also sharing her personal experience on working with media

Photo 3 Journalist from Azattyk sharing his view on news value and news criteria IMG 9023

Journalist from Azzattyk sharing his view on news value and its criteria, and what materials media journalists are interested to cover through their channels or who might interest them for interview and what themes are good for a video reportage

Photo 4 seminar participants are involved by new presented tools IMG 8937

Jyldyzkhan Ysmanova from the Public Union Central Asian Alliance on Water sharing her view and experience on the rules and principles of working with media

Photo 5 Award Ceremony for seminar participants IMG 9053

The USAID Collaborative Governance Program awarded Certificates of Participation to each trainee after the seminar

Photo 6 Memory photo of participants with trainers IMG 9057

A memory photo of the participants and the trainers after the seminar “PR and media tools for CSOs”

Photo 7 Vilena Gareeva PR Specialist PF Dul Dul At IMG 8953

Vilena Gireeva from the Public Fund “Dul-Dul At” presenting the group work on problems existing while working with media

Photo 8 Esen Shishkaraev PF Youth Citizens Development IMG 9125

During the roleplay at the seminar in Djalal-Abad, Esen Shishkaraev, Coordinator of the Public Fund “Young Citizens Development” opened a press conference with the speech as Osh Mayor Aitmamat Kadyrbaev and Askat Toktosunov, Project Assistant of the Public Fund “Rural Consultative Service Jalal-Abad” acted as Vice Mayor. The participants now know how to plan and organize a successful press conference

Photo 9 Group work to present what is now allowable while working with media IMG 9071

During the seminar “PR and media tools for CSOs” in Jalal-Abad, the participants had fun and learned details of successful partnership between the PU Youth of Osh and the Osh Mayor’s Office while working interactively in groups and presenting their findings and thoughts to peers

Photo 10 PF Mutakalim Aichurek Torobekova Mairam Muminova PR Sinton Gulnara Uldasheva IMG 9084

Project Coordinator of the Public Fund “Mutakalim” Aichurek Torobekova, member of the PF “Mutakalim” Mairam Muminova, and Trainer of the Public Fund “Sinton” Gulnara Uldasheva working in a group to draft a headline and a press release for the press conference

Photo 11 A memory photo of seminar in Jalalabad April 12IMG 9149

A memorable joint photo of the participants and two trainers after the seminar “PR and media tools for CSOs” provided in Jalal-Abad

Photo 12 Janara Ryskulova from PR Aimira played the role of project coordinator Elza Asanbekova Akmaral Satinbaeva IMG 9116

Janara Ryskulova from Public Fund “Aimira” performing the role of Project Coordinator of the Public Union “Youth of Osh” Begimai Bekbolotova and Elza Asanbekova, project assistant of PF “Rural Consultative Services Jalal-Abad” performing a role of Executive Director of the Public Union “Youth of Osh” Akmaral Satinbaeva during the role play of the press conference

Photo 13 Participants of the seminar in Jalal Abad working eagerly to present their problems working with media IMG 9078

Participants of the seminar “PR and media tools for CSOs” in Jalal-Abad working together to present the problems, which they face while working with media