On April 21st, representatives from 33 CSOs participated in a seminar "PR and Media Tools for CSOs" provided by the USAID Collaborative Governance Program. The trainees worked interactively and in groups to obtain new skills in using new media tools and learned secrets of organizing a successful press conference and drafting press releases. The participants were also glad to receive new M-Vector Media Survey data, which can be a tool for choosing an effective media outlet to reach a target audience. For example, a successful media strategy would need to take into account that 71% of Bishkek TV viewers watch TV in Russian and only 29% in Kyrgyz while the Internet penetration is 74% in Bishkek with social media penetration at 60%.  

Photo 1 PR seminar April 21

Participants of the workshop in Bishkek are working in a team, so that everyone can share their experience and thoughts on this assignment

Photo 2 PR seminar April 21

The process of Brainstorming to better present the creative task

Photo 3 PR seminar April 21

An important part of the workshop – feedback of participants

Photo 4 PR seminar April 21

Participants of the workshop, representing different SCOs of Bishkek, are working very actively and creatively in groups to present their press-release drafts, headlines, news value criteria and other issues in the best possible way

Photo 5 PR seminar April 21

Workshop can be very interesting for each participant

Photo 6 PR seminar April 21

When the participants get into their roles 100% during the interactive games, then it results in such a presentation

Photo 7 PR seminar April 21

Moderator of the press-conference Olga Kim perfectly coped with her task

Photo 8 PR seminar April 21

At the end of the workshop, participants and trainers exchanged their views on various issues arising in the professional activity

Photo 9 PR seminar April 21

Participants are talking during the workshop

Photo 9 10 PR seminar April 21

Photo 10 PR seminar April 21

At the press conference, Nurzhan Akunova acted as a coordinator of the project to launch OshCity mobile application and was able to respond clearly and concisely to each question

Photo 11 PR seminar April 21

Aizada Kalmamatova asks the organizers of the press-conference about the possible weaknesses of the mobile application OshCity

Photo 12 PR seminar April 21

Photo of participants and workshop trainers