Representatives of more than 20 civil society organizations (CSOs) took part in a one-day workshop on the topics “Essentials of M&E System Development in Projects” and “Grant Budgeting and Preparing Financial Reports under Grants”, conducted by the staff of the USAID Collaborative Governance Program (CGP) in Karakol on May 24.

During the seminar, participants learned about contemporary methods of monitoring and evaluation in projects and the objectives that the monitoring specialists should set for themselves. The trainer also presented several indicators that CSOs could utilize to determine success of their projects.

"Nowadays there is no single approach to identify the achieved project results, which could be applied in each project. For example, some specialists exercise a method when they interview local residents and ask them to draw a map of their society on paper. According to the presented picture, specialists can judge what impact the project had on the lives of local residents,” - said Nurgul Alybaeva, USAID CGP Monitoring, Evaluation and Gender Officer and Trainer.

In the second part of the seminar, CGP Grants Administrative and Compliance Officer Meergul Sulaimanova had a session on the process of financing, awarding grants, and what financial reporting rules should be observed by sub-recipients in the course of their work. Many organizations do not provide reports by the deadline, which raises questions from implementing partners.

"The majority of sub-recipients in Kyrgyzstan make an error in project budget planning. Many financial expenses, including transportation, daily subsistence allowances, clerical and other expenses, arise when the budget can no longer be changed. Therefore, it is extremely important to carefully design the budget at the very beginning of the project, including the smallest expenses," - said Meergul Sulaimanova at the seminar.

The seminar was interactive and the participants asked questions and received answers, which were mostly related to the CSOs practical activities within USAID CGP funded projects.

Photo 1 Seminar on Project Monitoring in Karakol June 7

Photo 2 Seminar on Project Monitoring in Karakol June 7

Photo 3 Seminar on Project Monitoring in Karakol June 7

Photo 4 Seminar on Project Monitoring in Karakol June 7

Photo 5 Seminar on Project Monitoring in Karakol June 7