Today, on June 7th, members of the Jogorku Kenesh (Parliament) considered amendments to existing laws "On Pledge" and "On Amending the Civil Code of the Kyrgyz Republic" during the session of Parliament session, and all 113 members present unanimously voted and adopted the amendments in the first reading.

The legislative amendments were initiated by deputies A. Shykmamatov, A. Koduranova, M.Zheenchoroyev, and T. Konushbaev.

According to the deputy Almambet Shykmamatov, the draft law is aimed at protecting the property rights of citizens and legal entities, as well as implementing the obligations of the Kyrgyz Republic to protect the property rights in accordance with international legal acts ratified by the Jogorku Kenesh of the Kyrgyz Republic. The amendments provide specific and stringent grounds for foreclosure on the subject of collateral in extrajudicial procedures.

The initiative to develop and promote amendments to the Civil Code, and the Law “On Pledge” is an example of the successful cooperation between the Jogorku Kenesh (Parliament) and the Anti-Corruption Business Council of the Kyrgyz Republic as part of the project supported by the Collaborative Governance Program (CGP).  For more info visit:

JK voted 1st reading june 7 2017

At the session of the Jogorku Kenesh, 113 deputies unanimously voted for amendments to the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic "On Pledge" and to the Civil Code of the Kyrgyz Republic in the first reading