On June 10, 2017, Public Fund “DIA” conducted a training on the theme “Gender Equality and Advocacy” for 17 members of coalition groups established as part of the project titled “Protecting Women from Domestic Violence” aimed to facilitate development and introduction of municipal services to prevent domestic violence and support women-victims in six aiyl aimaks (rural municipalities) in Osh Oblast.

Director of PF “DIA” Avazkan Ormonova presented the goals and objectives of the training and highlighted the role of the members of coalition groups in advancing women’s rights against domestic violence. Trainer Gulsana Abytova together with members of coalition groups conducted the analysis of normative legal documents in their local self-government bodies on protection of women from domestic violence. The participants worked in small groups, cross-examined and presented their group developments. The participants also learned about "The concept of gender and gender equality", "Ensuring gender equality, empowering all women and girls". Then the participants got acquainted with the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic "On State and Municipal Services" and the register of municipal services. The training session was held in a form of a dialogue and ended with heated discussions.

The participants of the training received basic concepts on protection of public rights and interests, what this implies and, most importantly, they realized that "advocacy is an action that influences the decision-making process and is aimed at improving the social, economic and political environment that includes different strategies."

At the training, member of the local council in Nookat district, Head of the Association of female NGOs "Ak-Satkyn" Tursunay Kadyrova and Director of PF "Ene Nazary", Head of "Aqyl Karachach" center of Alay rayon shared their invaluable experience and successful cases of effective implementation of public interests via advocacy campaigns to promote the rights of women and girls, as well as to identify key partners, the choice of strategy and tactics for advocacy. Zhamshit Matanbayev, the head of the Madinsky ayil okmotu of the Karasu district promised to assist in the implementation of the project and create conditions for the work of the coalition group. The members of the coalition groups decided to meet again on June 22 to develop a strategy on advocacy for the project implementation period.

The project is supported by USAID Collaborative Governance Program implemented by East-West Management Institute in the Kyrgyz Republic

Photo 1 DIA Working in a group

Members of the coalition group are actively working in a group to study the existing legal acts at the local government level to protect women's rights from domestic violence

Photo 2 DIA training 17coalition groups members

Representatives of coalition groups from 6 ayyl aimaks (local governments) took an active part in the training on advocacy

Photo 3 DIA training Madynskey AA Matanbaev Kambarova Kydyrov

Members of the coalition group from the Madinsky ayil aimak (from right to left) Jamshit Matanbaev, head of the Madinsky a.o, Kambarova Nazira, activist of the women's movement, Mirlan Kydyrov, deputy of the Madinsky AK shared their experience on advancing successfully the advocacy work

Photo 4 DIA training women activists

Women-activists work together on the set tasks for the project

Photo 5 DIA training group work on presentation

Members of the coalition groups are preparing to present their findings and the results of discussions in small groups 

Photo 6 DIA trainee presenting the group work

A trainee presents the results of the group work on the development of mechanisms for the protection of women's rights against domestic violence